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My name is Andy, and I’m an illustrator and designer living in Norwich, UK.

I help companies, startups and entrepreneurs bring their brands to life with logos, illustrations and graphic design. I work in a range of modern styles, shaping my approach to each client and their project.

Over my 12 years of experience, I’ve worked for a huge range of clients, playing my part in many success stories along the way.

Visual art is a universal language, capturing ideas and emotions that words just can’t express. My bold colours, striking designs and quirky characters will make sure people notice and remember your message.

I believe design should be simple, elegant and clear. I distil every project to its essentials, then unite them in a powerful way.

What do I do?

Illustration, Graphic Design, Brand Identity, UI Design and Prototype.

Selected Clients

Renew Medical
Addicted Content
Product Resolutions
Tech Marionette
Topfield Consultancy
ABC Copywriting
Orion Safety Consulting
Joanna Sheen Limited

My vibe

I believe that design should be simple, elegant and clear.

Stuff I like

Marvel or DC? — Marvel for sure!
Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek
My Workout Routine? — Mountain biking and Running
What am I eating?
— Vegan Sausages
What am I playing? — Animal Crossing
What am I listening to? — Synthwave

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