Illustration of Andy holding a coffee cup and smiling. Andy is wearing AirPods. The background is the pride flag.
Andy Carolan is an illustrator and designer living in the UK.

His work is playful and fun with a bold and bright style.

He can be discovered flying solo or as part of a distributed team completing missions globally, spanning illustration, design and creative direction!

Current Hair Color
More than
16 Years
design experience
Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Branding Design
Icon Design
No-Code Webdesign
Logo Design
Guaranteed 100% Human generated content!
Select Clients
WRAP (Via Whistlejacket)
Renew Medical
Orion Safety Consulting
Zero Dependency
Blackpool G&PP (Via Whistlejacket)
The User Story
Turquoise Health
Epic Slant Press LLC
for animals
for environment
for health