Image of a Mac mini next to a large display and a wacom pen in a stand. A simple image of Andy is on the display. The background is red.


These are the resources I use most often, whether I'm working on a job for myself or for a client.

If you're interested in seeing more tech setups, check out



Apple Mac Mini M2 Pro 16GB


Benq PD2700U|27-inch 4K UHD sRGB HDR10

Human Interface

Apple Magic Keyboard (White)

Apple Magic Trackpad (White) — Because Apple make the best trackpads!

Wacom Intuos Pro M — I use this ALL the time. It's an awesome pen tablet

Elgato Streamdeck 2 (White) — I mostly use this as a text expander and shortcut for app hotkeys


AVerMedia PW313


Apple iPad Air 5 256GB (Purple)

Apple Smart Folio (English Lavender)

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)


Apple iPhone XR (Product Red)


Apple Watch Series 3

Various loop bands — I find the Nike ones most comfortable


Skullcandy HESH ANC

Beyer Dynamic DT990 Pro

Beats Solo 3

Apple AirPods 2



Telescopic Boom Arm Stand


Philips Hue Bridge

Philips Hue Play — Used as background ambient lights

Neewer NL-36AI — Keylight

Sirrui 3T-35 Tripod — Keylight mount

Data Storage


Synology DS 218 + 2 x Seagate IronWolf 2TB drives (RAID 1) — This syncs to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage so I have an off-site backup of all my work


Design Software

Adobe Creative Cloud — My most used apps are Illustrator, InDesign and Animate

Webflow — I built this site in Webflow. I ♥️ no code, but I add HTML and CSS where I need to

MacOS apps

Typeface — An excellent Font Manager

Rocket — Awesome app that makes typing emoji faster! 

Ivory — A Mastodon Client from the makers of Tweetbot

Miro — Miro is a great solution for async presentation of ideas, and colab with distributed teams

Zoom — Of all the platforms I've used for video calls and meetings, Zoom has been the most stable

Discord — I stay in touch with a few communities on here. It's also quite a good client for video chat

Trello — I use Trello to track and manage work tasks

Folder Peek — Add Folders and Files to the menu bar

Magnet — Organise desktop windows easily

Drop - A beautiful color picker for MacOS

Hand Mirror+ - Easily check that you don't have spinach in your teeth before Zoom calls!

iOS/iPadOS apps

Ivory — Mastodon Client From the makers of Tweetbot

Parcel — Awesome parcel tracking app

Procreate — I don't use this often, but it's an excellent iPad creative app

Browser and Extensions

Safari — I use it as my daily driver because it [unsurprisingly] works well across all Apple devices

Duck Duck Go —  Stops the creepy tracking

Fonts Ninja — Useful for grabbing font details from any site

Stop The Madness — Re-enables site UI overrides such as copy/paste

1Blocker — Blocks ads, trackers, and popups


Surfshark — "Effortless online privacy with a VPN"

Services — Profile page, PURLs and a great Mastodon instance

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage — I use this to backup my NAS using Cloud Sync. It's saved me a few times!

Apple One — I use this for iCloud+, Music, TV+, and Arcade.

Monkeytype — Check out my typing speed on my public profile

Video Games

Consoles — I have WAY too many consoles and games to list. Nintendo is my preferred platform, although I do have others. Currently, my main is the Nintendo Switch.


Domain purchasing and mail hosting

Dreamhost — I don't host any sites here, and just use them for emails and domains. Pretty solid! 


Poppins — I use this everywhere! Normal for body text, Bold for headings, and Semi-Bold for links


I review and update this page when something changes. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!