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User Manual

This is a quick tour of my personality, values and quirks!

It's purpose is to help others better understand me and get the most from our interactions.

Get to know me


"Wherever our mission takes us, we'll try to have a little fun along the way too, alright? Make a little noise. Ruffle a few feathers." — Captain Pike




English is my native language.

Time zone

London, UK (GMT)

I add value to teams by

Bringing my imagination and enthusiasm to the team, and an ability to interpret difficult briefs, iterate quickly and deliver on time.

One fun fact about me

My guilty pleasure binge-watch TV show is The Big Bang Theory.

What influences me

I love to create my designs using bright, cheerful colours, bold lines, and simple shapes, and take lots of influence from Dick Bruna and his Miffy stories.

I am also a huge fan of Sanrio, Pusheen, and Molang.

How I like to do my work

I prefer my day to be flexible and may be at my desk at strange hours, often late into the evening. So, I don't really adhere to normal office hours, I'm just there when I'm needed... like Bat Man.

If I email you at night, I don’t expect an immediate reply.

I sometimes take time-out during the day, if my work commitments allow.

I like to present via Miro, and love using Talktrack.

The best ways to communicate with me

I believe in asynchronous communication. Not everything needs to be a meeting.

If we need to discuss something, or brainstorm, meeting via Zoom or other video platform is great! I prefer meetings to be booked with enough notice so I can adequately prepare.

I'm happy to communicate via most platforms, but if the work is being presented on Miro, I prefer to use the built in comment system.

I appreciate clear, direct communication of thoughts, feelings and ideas throughout.

How I like to receive feedback

I welcome honest and clear communication as it helps me to understand why something is important, and allows me to reach the goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I do my best work when

The goal is clear, but I have the freedom to choose my own path.

I receive clear and constructive feedback throughout the process.

The sort of projects which really excite me have

The potential for real world positive outcomes for people, community and environment. Particularly those tackling the challenges of climate change and sustainability.

What gives me energy

When people and companies I’ve worked with succeed.

Seeing the positive effects my creative work has on others. 

Variety — I enjoy working on many different things at the same time.

What drains me

Receiving conflicting or incomplete information causing extra work which could have been avoided.

Being ghosted — Seriously, please don't do this.

Routine — Doing the same thing over and over. 


Working Remotely — I am self motivated, and have a proven track record of working efficiently within remote and distributed teams.

I have a broad range of skills that I have developed through building my own business from the ground up. I love a chance to flex them.

Turning rough briefs into tangible designs.


It's easy for me to lose focus when working on repetitive tasks. I try to combat this by breaking up these types of tasks into manageable chunks.

I sometimes overthink things. This is when I may ask for the input of someone else to 'bring order to chaos'. Or I might just put on some headphones and go for a walk.

I struggle to get motivated if there is no clear goal.

Personal Interests

I LOVE rhythm games. Some of my favorites are Taiko No Tatsujin, Muse Rush, and Rhythm Tengoku/Paradise.

Science Fiction, Paranormal and Fantasy movies and TV shows.

I enjoy building things with LEGO.

I love coffee! My go-to is Oat Milk Flat White with one Sugar.

I'm Vegan for animals, environment and health.


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