WRAP Green Nudges

I was hired by the Brand, Design and Communications Agency Whistlejacket to produce a variety of illustrations for the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), which developed a "nudging strategy for reducing consumption of single-use disposable cups" in collaboration with the Swedish EPA.
An illustration of a customer in a coffee shop, buying a drink from the barista who is operating an espresso machine behind a counter. Coffee bags and reusable cups are also on the counter, with plants on the shelves in the background. Three light pendants hang above.An illustration of three people sitting in a circle on the ground, drinking from reusable cups. They appear to be having a conversation.An illustration of two people seated at a table, drinking from reusable cups. One person is seated in cafe chair, the other in seated in a wheelchair. There are flowers and a cake on the table. Another person is walking by with a dog. The person also has a reusable coffee cup. A group of people walking outdoors. Two peole are carring reusable cups. Another person with a child is also pushing a stroller which has a reusable cup in a holder.An illustration of two people sitting at a table drinking from green cups. Another person is standing at a tall table using a laptop. In the background are five vertical plain windows. An illustration of a barista explaining to a customer how a reusable cup loyalty scheme works. A sign is in the background indicating that for every use of a reusable cup, two loyalty points are awarded. An illustration of a reusable cup with a zoomed in QR code in a circle. A mobile phone shows an app with the same QR code and a camera symbol. Top up and Pre pay CTA buttons are on the screen. An illustration of three people. One is walking while looking at their phone. Another is walking and carrying a reusable cup. Another is standing with a reusable cup.

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